You are a Creative Being – Whether you can Draw or Not!

Written by: My Chakra Life - Jul 9th, 2019

“I’m just not creative… I wasn’t born with any creative talent… I’m not right-brained enough…” How many times have we heard or said these types of statements?

Most people seem to think creativity is a blessing bestowed upon a lucky few who have an innate ability to create beautiful drawings; dance with the light feet of Astaire; write engrossing fiction; or have the voice of an angel (ah, Charlotte Church)!

But, I’m just not buying it! I’m not saying that the truly great creative people are not hugely talented, incredibly able and immersed in their craft. What I am saying is we are all creative, but we unlearn it.


Why bother?

When we are kids, we are fearless – we produce ‘artworks’ by the dozen expecting all of them to go on the fridge in a proud parental display! We ask questions, we write stories, we put on plays, we sing, we dance – but somewhere along the line, our fear of being judged gets stronger than the joy we take from the activities and suddenly, it only becomes a worthwhile activity if we are ‘good at it’; can achieve praise for it; or even earn money for selling it! Unless those conditions are met, we decide it’s a pointless activity, we’re not creative, put the crayons away and focus on that spreadsheet – like a grown-ass woman!!!!

So, you see, being creative purely for the sake of it, without any expectation of praise, compensation or accolade requires us to be vulnerable – even with ourselves.

We have become so tied up with the need for all our outcomes to be excellent or “why bother?” that we can’t bear to produce something less than perfect – even if we are the only people who will ever see it!


What’s my Sacral Chakra got to do with it?

The Sacral Chakra is the second Chakra – one up from the Root or Base Chakra – and is just below your belly button. It resonates with the warm orange of the setting sun and is the source of all our creative energy – even our sexuality. There are all kinds of ‘drives to create’, right?!

I meet lots of people who consider themselves to be a ‘creative wasteland’, who have energy blockages, inconsistencies or issues in this area. What’s unclear is whether they are not creative because their Sacral Chakra is blocked… or that their Sacral Chakra is blocked because they don’t honour and indulge their creativity – it doesn’t really matter! Whichever came first (chicken or egg?!), activating and soothing the energy in this Chakra can unleash all kinds of creativity we never knew we had; help us to find joy in creative activities; and encourage us to feel the enthusiasm of childhood again.

The Sacral Chakra is also the seat of our joy, enthusiasm, and desire. I don’t believe this is an accident – joy, enthusiasm, getting ‘lost’ in an activity – are so often tied up with our creativity.

As is our ability to be vulnerable. Which I believe is the key!

If we can find the courage to do something to the best of our ability and still understand it is totally crap and not.. well… give a crap? That is true creative freedom!

Sacral Chakra Quote

Who decides what’s ‘creative’ anyway?

Here’s a list of some of the things I think are creative:

Singing, dancing, drawing, painting, creative writing, performing, ‘all the craft things’ – yada, yada – all the usual stuff, but what about…

  • Making a great tasting meal from random stuff you found in the cupboard because you couldn’t be bothered to go shopping!
  • Organising all your vinyl in an elegant, colour coded system!
  • Coming up with a great excuse for not going to that party because you really fancy curling up by the fire!
  • Coming up with new ways of looking at and solving all kinds of problems
  • Coaching a sports team – you need to be able to see the big picture, visualise and predict outcomes – sounds pretty creative to me!
  • That guy down the pub who keeps everyone on the edge of their seats with his great (if a little ‘tall’) stories!
  • Connectors, facilitators and networkers in all walks of life!
  • That woman at the bus stop who’s contouring is always perfect!
  • Every small businessperson – ever!
  • And there are loads more!

So, you see – we’re all creative – or at least have the capacity to be! It doesn’t have to be about who can draw the most lifelike version of your dog in charcoals!


Support your Sacral Chakra

If you feel you would like to connect more with your creativity and support your Sacral Chakra, you can try the following simple tools:

  • Wear orange
  • Eat and drink orange things
  • Use Sacral Chakra affirmations: “I feel and honour my creativity”; “I feel joy”; “I am creative”; “I feel inspired”
  • Try something new – take a pottery class, take some photos, dust off the sewing machine – remember to detach from the outcome – hey it’s something new – it doesn’t need to be perfect!
  • Avoid very cold drinks – remember the orange of the evening sun? Your Sacral Chakra likes it warm!
  • Visualise your Sacral Chakra bathed in warm orange light and energy.

So, do your Sacral Chakra a favour and connect with your creativity, you’ll feel better for it and you might even discover (or rediscover!) an activity you love!


What next?

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