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My philosophy…

I believe that each and every woman on this planet has unlimited creativity and personal resources to call upon.
I mean, we’re amazing, right?

The problems start when we lose focus on and connection with our values, vision, goals or desires.
This often leads to overwhelm and anxiety, which in turn block our ability to access all that
wonderful creativity and resourcefulness we all have deep down inside!

It’s our job to slow down, listen, understand, and make the changes required to bring our life
back into blissful alignment – simple, right?!

Not always… but it doesn’t have to be super difficult either!

My programmes are designed to help you move beyond your anxiety –
not ‘deal with it’ or ‘manage it’, but acknowledge it, see it and move past it.

All use a unique combination of traditional coaching techniques, spiritual/philosophical teachings,
your energy, and meditation to help you identify and commit to your own
personal pathway to conscious, calm, confident living.

So, are you ready?
Let’s talk…

Take a look at my programmes below and let’s book a 30-minute call to discover how we might work together.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

  • Crack your Chakra Code

    A personalised 121, 8-week programme focusing specifically on understanding your unique Chakra Code, and how we can harness it to improve all areas of your life (including anxiety), creating a plan to live life in flow with your unique energy.

    Together, we will…

    – Create a map of your personal Chakra energy using my unique self-diagnosis tools

    – Use personalised exercises, meditations, visualisations and more, to heal
    and balance your system

    – Develop a toolkit to keep your energy strong; improving your happiness, confidence, relationships & mindset.

  • Beyond Anxiety Blueprint

    A personalised 1-2-1, 90-day programme  designed to help you transform your relationship with anxiety, taking you beyond anxiety, and develop your own personal pathway to living anxiety-free*.

    Together we will…

    – Identify how you want to feel instead of anxiety & create a plan to help you get there

    – Develop a suite of exercises & tools to help you focus on recovery, not just management

    – Discover where you might be living out of
    alignment with your goals, values, desires, and purpose, and how we can change that.

  • Zero to Zen

    This is your spiritual ‘Couch to 5k’! Six weeks of 1-2-1 coaching, guidance, and support designed to help you build a regular meditation practice and flex your
    meditation muscles!

    Weekly sessions with exercises & guided meditations to practice at home.

    A regular meditation practice offers:

    – Improved sleep, concentration,
    focus and creativity

    – Greater ability to handle all kinds of general stress when it does arise

    – An overall reduction in lingering, sustained anxiety and unease.

*Disclaimer: The meaning of ‘anxiety-free’ will be different to each person I work with. I further explore what anxiety-free means to me in this blog. Each client commits to attending the number of sessions and to completing the work required in each programme. Living your own anxiety-free life will be a long-term pursuit and will require continued commitment after the programme is finished.