What’s the best thing about going on holiday?

Written by: My Chakra Life - Sep 24th, 2019

… Coming home!  Now, don’t get me wrong – I LOVE going on holiday! I love the anticipation before you go, thinking about what to take – I even like the packing!!! I love being somewhere new, the freedom to ‘be different’, sunning myself, overeating, over-drinking – all of it!!! But… there’s something very special about coming home.

As some of you may know, I’ve been on holiday! Cue shameless photos of palm trees and my feet getting a tan!!!

What’s the best thing about going on holiday?


We went to Las Vegas for the 15th time (no judgement, please!!!), and as always – it was awesome.

Wall to wall sunshine, 32oz frozen cocktails, loose slot machines, time to relax with James, chatty Americans, an Enrique Iglesias concert (say whaaaaaaat?) and 24-hour BlackJack – what’s not to like? Ok, Ok – I get that Vegas might not be everyone’s cup of tea – feel free to replace it with your favourite holiday experience.

But, no matter where I go (we do actually go to other places too!) and however much I love it, there is always something very special about ‘coming home’. Here are some of my reasons why…


Reason #1: To see my dog-lets!

When we are away, I miss Gracie and Ollie soooooooooo much! When my parents were alive, Gracie would stay with them and I was completely happy knowing she was having a whale of a time – plus I used to speak to my mother quite a few times while we were away, so I would get constant updates!

Now that is no longer an option, we are lucky enough to have found a wonderful dog sitter, who looks after them in her home (and spoils them rotten!), but I don’t ‘speak’ to them while we’re away and I miss them like crazy!


Reason #2: To sleep in my own bed!

I do love to sleep! And regardless of how comfortable I am anywhere else, it takes me at least a week to learn how to sleep in a different bed with different bedding and pillows – is that weird?! James thinks it is!

There really is no place like my perfect bed!


Reason #3: To get back to routine!

Now, I am not usually one for routine. I get bored easily, and when I was younger, I was constantly changing jobs, moving house, cutting my hair – just to keep things ‘fresh’. I realise now there were some ‘Root Chakra’ issues at play here, but that’s a whole different blog!

As I’ve got older, I have come to see the value of some certainty and consistency. Especially around my spiritual practice.

While I was on holiday – I let things slide!! I guess as we all do, right?

I wasn’t meditating – Vegas has a ‘buzz’ about it, that doesn’t really feel conducive to ‘slowing down’. There is always something to do, somewhere to go, something to see. I was ‘chilling’ by the pool every day, but the pool in Vegas? It’s a crazy pool party – every day!

I wasn’t journalling – I took my journal to the pool every day, but it was a distracting place to be! So, I whipped off some quick ‘gratitude’ and a little ‘scripting’ before the DJ cranked up the ‘choons’, but it felt ‘unsatisfying’.

I did read a few books – but I wonder how much of it really sank in? So, I’m not sure I can really call it ‘personal-development’!

What’s the best thing about going on holiday?

Reason #4: Perhaps most important of all…

A real cup of tea! Americans are good at many things, but making a proper cup of tea is not one of them!!


So, you see, being away and then coming home (despite the jet lag!), has given me a greater appreciation for my spiritual practice and how the routine of it really does set me up for a more balanced, harmonious day.

I thought ‘getting back into it’ would be tough, but I have slipped back into it with ease and comfort – like my favourite slippers! My Chakra Balancing Visualisation was wonderful, I could feel the energy tingling in my body as I was doing it. And I’ve had some pretty intense experiences in meditation too – I guess you never really lose it! So, what’s the best thing about going on holiday? For me, it’s always coming home.

Now… where to next?!


What next?

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