What you Need to Know About Healing your Heart Chakra

Written by: My Chakra Life - Jul 23rd, 2019

I am in a full-on Heart Chakra healing phase at the moment. During my morning meditations, I have been feeling a heaviness and tightness in my chest, which can mean only one thing – I need to show my heart some love!

Anodea Judith (world-renowned Chakra expert and psychologist) suggests grief is the ‘demon’ of the Heart Chakra (she posited the idea of ‘energy demons’ for each Chakra which suck and stagnate their energy) and I know I am still coping with my grief.

It has become less ‘raw’, less ‘shattering’ and 20 months on I am able to think about my parents without pain ripping through me, but the grief never really goes. We learn to live with it and grow our lives around it. Grief is not a linear process either and I think I have reached a point where I am struggling to ‘grow around’ it.

A blockage in the Heart Chakra, which is the bridge between our physical and higher Chakras, can have a profound effect on our entire energy field, so here is a list of interesting stuff about the Heart Chakra including some things I am going to be implementing to open, soothe and heal my Heart Chakra.


Interesting facts about the Heart Chakra

  • Location: in the centre of your chest
  • Sanskrit name: Anahata – meaning untouched or unhurt
  • Colour: green (or increasingly rose pink if you prefer!)
  • Symbol: 12-petalled lotus
Heart Chakra Symbol
  • Alternative name: Fourth Chakra or Bridge Chakra – as it forms the ‘bridge’ between the physical lower Chakras and the spiritual upper Chakras.
  • Element: Air
  • Crystals: Anything green or pink is a great place to start. Rose Quartz is the obvious choice here, but Jade, Peridot (great for the Solar Plexus too), Green Aventurine and of course Emeralds are all soothing choices.
  • Affirmations: I give and receive love freely; I am loved; I let go of past hurt and open my heart to love.
  • Endocrine: The Heart Chakra is connected to the Thymus – the gland which shrinks after puberty (!), but produces the hormone Thymosin, it is also linked to the immune system – developing disease-fighting T cells.
  • Physical: Lungs, heart, arms, hands, lymphatic system, upper back, shoulder blades.
  • Emotional: Love, compassion, inner peace, trust, forgiveness.
  • Mental: Acceptance, harmony, mental quiet, calm.
  • Under-active/weak: Difficulty in receiving and giving love, low self-esteem, trust issues, preoccupation with past pain.
  • Over-active/dominant: Highly sensitive, burnt out, a magnet for drama, jealousy.


Heart Chakra Quote


Healing my Heart Chakra


I am going to start with some healing meditation designed specifically to connect with the Heart Chakra and deal with powerful emotions like grief. I have an idea of ones I will use, but YouTube is a great place to start when it comes to finding meditations suited to your needs.



I have a beautiful Jade Heart which I often carry, but I will make sure I have it with me at all times… and I feel a jewellery purchase coming on – rose quartz pendant anyone? If you are interested in taking a look at some jewellery, crystals and other gorgeous things, click here and then hit ‘Shop’.



After my meditation, I will be using specific Heart Chakra journalling prompts to try to draw out any hidden emotions or feelings. I like to start a dialogue with my Chakras and ask them what they need from me to help support me better – listen to the answers and write them down! No – it’s not weird!!!



I am diffusing Lavender and Eucalyptus oils throughout my home – lavender is soothing for all the Chakras and Eucalyptus is good for the chest! They will also be going in my bath along with Epsom Salts which are great for cleansing your energy and ‘resetting’ your field.



Eat those greens! Anything green – all green veg (I do love broccoli!) and salad greens (perfect for this weather!) will be making an appearance – and maybe lime or cucumber in my gin instead of lemon!



My Solar Plexus Chakra needs some support too, and simply sitting with your hands on each adjacent Chakra with the intention of supporting them can link the two together and help the energy flow better. This works for all adjacent Chakras.


And there you have it, my programme for the next week or so to help support and heal my Heart Chakra.

Remember, energy which can’t flow up or down through your Heart Chakra will block the beautiful bridge and prevent you from acting from a place of love in any area of your life.


What next?

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*Disclaimer: The meaning of ‘anxiety-free’ will be different to each person I work with. I further explore what anxiety-free means to me in this blog. Each client commits to attending the number of sessions and to completing the work required in each programme. Living your own anxiety-free life will be a long-term pursuit and will require continued commitment after the programme is finished.