What happens at a Chakra Healing Session?

Written by: My Chakra Life - Aug 15th, 2019

Somebody asked me this earlier and I realised that not many people know what exactly it is that I do!! So, this blog is all about dispelling any confusion about what happens at a Chakra Healing Session – what it is, what it can help and why you should want to give it a go!


The Chakra System in a nutshell!

To understand the Chakra System, we first have to accept that we are more than just our physical bodies – we are also energetic beings surrounded by layers of energy. This belief permeates a range of ancient philosophies from Hindu ‘prana’ and Chinese ‘chi’ to Pythagoras’ identification of the ‘luminous body’ in ancient Greece.

This energy feeds in and out of our physical bodies through the seven main Chakras (spinning wheels of energy), which are located up the spine from the base or Root Chakra all the way up to the Crown Chakra just above the top of your head. They correspond with points in our endocrine and lymphatic system, feeding in wonderful supportive energy and disposing of unhelpful and potentially damaging energy in our system.

Each Chakra is also linked to specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functions in the human body and psyche. So, by making sure each of our Chakras is on tip top shape and that the system as a whole is working in perfect harmony, we can have a hugely positive impact upon our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

On the other hand, a poorly operating system can create blockages and imbalances in the energy flow resulting in a range of ailments from minor irritations to chronic physical and mental health conditions.


How a 121 Chakra Healing Session can help

There are lots of reasons why someone might benefit from a 121 Chakra Healing Session with me.

The Chakra System works in balance and flow. So when one Chakra Centre’s energy is sluggish or over-active, it can throw the entire system out of balance. And balance is the key. The point of any Chakra Healing is to bring the whole system back into balance and therefore reduce any of the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual symptoms associated with an out of balance system.

As each Chakra is associated with individual physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functions, you might be feeling one of the symptoms associated with one of your Chakras. These might include:

  • Root: physical problems in the lower half of the body, being ‘spaced out’, unnecessary anxiety around personal safety or money
  • Sacral: issues with menstruation, repressed emotions, withdrawal from social activities
  • Solar Plexus: digestive problems, low self-esteem, lack of direction/ambition
  • Heart: heart and breathing disorders, jealousy, attachment to other people’s drama
  • Throat: throat, thyroid and mouth problems; speaking too much or inappropriately; or not speaking up at all
  • Third Eye: migraine and headaches, needing to escape to a fantasy, lack of clarity
  • Crown: rashes and skin issues, over-attachment to spirituality or faith matters.

This is obviously just a short list and any energy healing treatment should not take the place of mainstream medicine in any way. It is a complementary healing modality.


What happens at a Chakra Healing Session?

Before our first Chakra Healing Session, I will ask you to complete the My Chakra Life Wheel, so I can get an initial insight into your Chakra Health before we meet. Just so you know – I won’t touch you at all during the session (!) and you won’t need to remove any clothing – just dress comfortably. At our session, we will discuss the results from the My Chakra Life Wheel and talk generally about your health and wellbeing and if there is anything you would like to share or have me ‘lookout for’.

Then, you’ll pop up onto the table and I will assess your Chakra Energy by using my hands and a pendulum, taking note of any findings. We will then discuss this – in the context of our previous discussion and your My Chakra Life Wheel results.

Then I’ll make sure you are good and comfortable and ready to r-e-l-a-x! Placing Chakra stones on each of your Chakra points we will then do a unique balancing meditation/visualisation together and work on balancing the whole system.

After that, I’ll scan again to see what has changed – you’d be surprised how quickly your energy field responds sometimes! And we will have a glass of water and discuss your homework – oh yes, there is homework!

Subsequent sessions follow a similar format but will include exercises designed by me to work on specific Chakras – now we know what is going on in the system!

Outcomes could include:

  • Better general health
  • Higher energy levels
  • Improved sleep
  • An improvement in any symptoms we discussed at our session
  • Better able to deal with everyday life and the curveballs it throws!
  • Improved confidence
  • Improve your body’s natural healing abilities
  • Relaxation in the session and for long afterwards!
  • Enhanced feelings of wellbeing and flow


So, you see a 121 Chakra Healing Session with me is definitely worth the effort!!

But if that’s not possible, why not learn how to heal your own Chakras at home – no ‘Kathryn’ required?!
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Super-exciting details to follow, plus some extra bonuses for those of you who join the waitlist early!


What next?

If you’re interested in finding out more about how I live My Chakra Life, the Chakra System and the tools we can use to leverage its awesome power to create more balance; live a better life; and even manage specific issues like anxiety, sadness, loss, poor body image (and lots more), pop over to our Facebook Group and join the conversation there.

Or download our My Chakra Life Wheel to understand more about your own Chakras and get started on your journey to Chakra Health.

Keep up to date with our blogs and if there is anything you would like to know or anything I can help you with in relation to bringing a Chakra practice into your life, please let me know.

*Disclaimer: The meaning of ‘anxiety-free’ will be different to each person I work with. I further explore what anxiety-free means to me in this blog. Each client commits to attending the number of sessions and to completing the work required in each programme. Living your own anxiety-free life will be a long-term pursuit and will require continued commitment after the programme is finished.