My Morning Routine Detox – How I Established a Routine that Works

Written by: My Chakra Life - Jan 17th, 2020

I love a good morning routine. A morning routine can set you up for greatness every day, help you achieve your goals, and make you feel unstoppable.

But what if your morning routine isn’t doing those things?

What if, instead of making you feel like a ‘Soul Aligned Goddess’, it leaves you feeling like an overwhelmed failure?

This is exactly where I found myself a few months ago. I had a pretty well-established morning routine, which was working well for me… until suddenly it wasn’t.

There was only one course of action – I needed a Morning Routine Detox…


My history of troubled mornings

I have NEVER been a morning person. I have always struggled to get up – even as a child, my bed was my favourite place!! And as an adult, this left me hating mornings, struggling with tiredness, and always feeling like I’m playing catch up.

I envied those (smug?!) people who jumped out of bed at dawn with a smile on their face, ready to set themselves up for a fabulous day… while I was pressing snooze (for the ninth time!), skipping breakfast and doing my makeup in the car!

So, around this time last year, I decided I was going to create a better morning routine for myself. I am totally aware that as my husband and I both work from home, have no kids and very few demands on our time in the morning, I am in a unique and pretty lucky position. So, why not make the most of it?

I tried lots of things and finally settled on quite an extensive morning routine (again, I know I have time for this and not everyone does but bear with me!), which in order to complete before 8.45am (when we like to get down to our work) required me to get up at 6.00am! This terrified me. I’m not a morning person… Is this even possible for me???

But I knew I really wanted to give it a go. Approach everything with curiosity and experimentation, right?!

So, I went through the pain of establishing an earlier bedtime and earlier alarm call until when around March last year – I had it nailed! Bed at 10.00pm (mostly!) and up at 6.00am (mostly!).

I absolutely knew that if I stuck to this routine and did all the things I knew were good for me during that time, my days were more productive, easier, and definitely more in flow.

So, what went wrong?

My Morning Routine Detox – How I Established a Routine that Works Quote

The Morning Routine Overwhelm…

Part of my morning routine from the very beginning has been to read. I love to read, always have, so this was a lovely pleasant thing for me to start off my productive day. I was reading books and authors with so much insight and amazing knowledge to impart, I was lapping it up! Marianne Williamson; Gabby Bernstein; Sonia Choquette; Louise Hay; Byron Katie, Anodea Judith – I mean, the list goes on!!!

The great (and apparently terrible!) thing about all these book and authors is, they give you clear actions to take. As a result of reading their books and digesting the knowledge, now you get to take action!

An extra meditation here; a journaling exercise there; some affirmations? Why not? Morning prayers – ok. Even the odd yoga pose!!!

So… where to add all these activities? I know – my morning routine!

I already journal, so let’s add these journaling exercises in there. I already meditate, so let’s add a couple of these in there. Visualisation? No problem, Gabby B – I’ll just tack that on to my Chakra Balancing!

As I was powering through the books (convinced that if I didn’t do all the associated extra ‘work’ it would all be a waste of time!), adding more and more ‘extras’ into my morning routine, I was piling on the pressure.

  • Adding pressure on the limited time I had.
  • Adding pressure to do ‘all the things’ perfectly (otherwise, what was the point?!).
  • Adding pressure to my whole day – because, once again, I was overwhelmed, feeling like a failure for not getting everything done and playing catch up all day.

It was like I was serving my morning routine – not the other way around!

I went on holiday in September last year and when I got back, I just could not get back into it. I stopped getting up in the morning (sometimes literally!). I stopped doing any part of my routine. I felt sluggish and lazy and totally demotivated. I was rebelling against my routine in the worst teenager kind of way!

So… I took a break.

From lots of stuff. Social Media. Business Networking. My morning routine. Going out! I went into ‘hibernation’, and it felt like the right thing to do!

Until a couple of months ago, I decided to start slowly and build back up to a morning routine that served me. That did what it was supposed to do – set me up to have a fantastic day! I knew that if I could, my motivation, excitement and general interest in life would return.

My Morning Routine Detox

So, I detoxed!

I went back to basics and looked back to when I had started my morning routine journey last year. What was my motivation? Which activities lit me up? What activities made me feel better for doing them? Anything that felt like a chore or felt like someone else’s priority had to go.

I started getting up just half an hour earlier initially and doing the first thing on my newly detoxed list. I made this my non-negotiable. No matter what happened, what time I got up, this was the one thing I would always do and would always make me feel good. In case you’re interested – the one non-negotiable thing is my  Chakra Balancing exercise – obvs!!!

Once I did that for a few days, I got up another half hour earlier and added the next thing.

It definitely hasn’t been a straight line (especially with Christmas in the middle!), and this horrible bug that I’ve had since Christmas! But I have persevered, and I am getting there!

Yes; there have been days (plenty of them!!) where I haven’t made the alarm call. When it was oh so dark and I’d been up coughing for most of the night! But, I still did the ‘one non-negotiable thing’. That way, I always start my day with one achievement rather than several failures.

Next week, I’m going to aim for 6.00am, add in my last few list items and take a nice leisurely amble through my lovely morning activities to breakfast at 8.30am. Ready to face the day as the Goddess I know I am… well, sometimes!!

Going forward…

I love my morning routine. It makes me more productive.

I will still read the amazing spiritual and self-development books I love (reading is still the mainstay of my morning routine), but instead of treating these wonderful lessons as gospel to be followed to the letter; I read them, enjoy them, assimilate all the knowledge and then think objectively about whether I need to add/change anything in my routine based on what I’ve learnt.

The proviso remains that in order to make it into my routine, anything new has to do more for me than something I already do. This new activity then replaces something in my old routine. This way, I’m not just adding endlessly to my morning routine.

It stays relevant, enjoyable, useful and doable.

Mine is quite an extensive morning routine. And I know this is not for everyone so please don’t think I’m trying to foist my routine on you! Instead, I urge you to take a look at what you’re currently doing and make sure it is serving you in the most positive way possible.

I intend to conduct a ‘Morning Routine Detox’ every few months to make sure everything still feels good.

Do you have a morning routine? I’d love to hear about it. Drop me a message or let’s connect on social media.

What next?

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