Is the music you listen to programming you for happiness and joy?

Written by: My Chakra Life - Nov 29th, 2019

I love listening to music – I have pretty ‘eclectic’ tastes – my husband calls it something else, but I’m sticking with eclectic!!! We all hear music (even if we don’t mean to!) – from snippets of songs on the radio to the ‘muzak’ in the lift! But have you ever thought how it could be impacting you and your life? It’s the concept of ‘Music as Programming’.

In the world of Chakra Balancing we talk about the different types of music that can stimulate each of the Chakras – e.g. earthy heavy drum and guitar music will get your Root Chakra going, whereas flowing ‘bouncing’ music will open your Sacral Chakra. And your Crown Chakra? Yep – it likes silence! But that’s not what I want to talk about today…

It’s all in the lyrics…

I’ve been thinking about the lyrics of songs, especially when they’re really catchy ‘ear-worm’ choruses that go round and round in your head (Carly Rae Jepsen anyone?!)!

These constant messages eventually penetrate our subconscious and become affirmations – positive or negative (what is the opposite of affirmation? Refutation? Negation????). If they’re backed up by a great tune we love, they can stick even faster!!! This can influence the ‘lens’ through which we view life. Creating filters and limiting beliefs.

Music as Programming Blog quote | My Chakra Life

One of my favourite lines in a book is from High Fidelity (IMO, one of the few films to be just as good as the book it was based on, despite moving the record shop to America and changing the lead characters surname!) when Rob Gordon/Fleming says (and I’m paraphrasing here!):


“Do I listen to pop music because I am sad;
or am I sad because I listen to pop music?”


I guess both?

But it stands to reason that constantly listening to sad or negative lyrics can have an effect.


But Kathryn, I love a sad song…

I hear you – and I do too…

I’m not saying you should never listen to sad music or sad songs. Sometimes, we all need to lean into those feelings too and music can help us reach inside ourselves to uncover and deal with all kinds of emotions.

You can (and should!) enjoy a wide range of music – whatever floats your boat (you love a bit of Right, Said Fred? Why the hell not?!), but now you’re aware how powerful this stuff is, you can choose to listen with the awareness that you don’t have to download these lyrics as a blueprint for life – unless you want to!

I often use music to stimulate and open my Chakras and change my mood. In fact, I have created various playlists for when I need an energy, concentration or happiness boost. These playlists include songs which I love for a variety of reasons – because they remind me of happy times, of people and places long gone, of great nights out – and some are just great tunes! But I noticed that some of them had negative or sad lyrics and no matter how much I enjoyed listening to them, they weren’t really cutting it when it came to positive messaging.


My affirmations playlist…

So, I now also have a positive affirmations playlist, which only includes songs with great, positive messages in the actual lyricsDon’t Stop Believin’, Go Your Own Way, Have a Nice Day, Defying Gravity, How Sweet it is – these are all messages I am happy to absorb into my subconscious!

Fill your head, ears and subconscious with wonderful, happy, life-affirming messages – I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Think about how the music you listen to might be ‘programming you’ – look at the artists you already love and see if you can and try and make some different choices within their back catalogue.

Why wouldn’t you want to use the music you absorb to programme you for success, wealth, happiness and joy?!

Create some playlists and have fun with it!

In the meantime, here’s a link to one of my absolute favourites – complete with hilarious dancing video – enjoy!

What next?

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