Grounding Tips to Keep you Sane this Christmas and Beyond

Written by: My Chakra Life - Dec 15th, 2020

Christmas can be a crazy time – the busy-ness, the expectation, the enforced ‘joy’, the extra close proximity to people we don’t normally spend that much time with… chuck a global pandemic into the mix and much like the rest of 2020 – who knows what could happen! Last week I shared my top tips for not letting anxiety ruin your Christmas – you can check it out here, but this week I want to focus specifically on ‘Grounding’.

Why it’s important, how to do it, and most importantly how it can help you stay sane this Christmas and beyond…


Tired girl - Grounding Tips to Keep you Sane this Christmas and Beyond

What is grounding?

Grounding is the conscious act of bringing yourself fully into present awareness. Reconnecting with yourself, your body, the space you occupy, the earth beneath you, and the world around you.

And feels wonderful!

We spend so much time in our heads these days (especially when we’re anxious, stressed or nervous), disconnected from our bodies.

We are taught to mistrust the signals our bodies send us…

  • Feel tired? Grab a coffee.
  • Feel pain? Take a pill.
  • Feel hungry? Look at the clock – is it time to eat yet?

Our body is sending us signals all the time, which we medicate away or suppress. Taking the time to stop… listen… feel… understand… and then act, brings us back into union with our bodies.

You may still decide to take the pill, drink the coffee, or wait until ‘lunchtime’ to eat, but those decisions then become purposeful acts as opposed to automatic responses.


Strong tree - Grounding Tips to Keep you Sane this Christmas and Beyond

Why is grounding important?

In the Chakra System, grounding is the realm of the Root Chakra – the first, base Chakra upon which everything else is built. A strong foundation, a firm root network, a stabilising anchor, a connection to our beginnings – without these things, we cannot grow and move upwards into more expansive, soulful, liberating energy.

In more ‘practical’ terms, ‘existing’ predominantly in your head focuses all your attention on your thoughts, beliefs, and ungrounded emotions, which usually leads to negative forecasting the future and anxiety. Grounding simply pulls you back into reality and the present.

An overactive mind, shortage of peaceful sleep, constantly focusing on the past or the future leaves us open and an easy target for our ‘slightly obsessive’ primitive minds!

Grounding – bringing yourself back into the moment – is one of the most powerful ways I know of to deal with anxiety longer-term and in the moment.


Anxiety gap - Eckhart Tolle Quote




Breathe neon sign

Top Grounding Tip #1 –
Aaaaaaaannnnnd, breathe…

Yes, breathing properly is my first top tip when it comes to grounding.

Lots of people say to me:

“I’ve tried breathing exercises, they just don’t work,
my anxiety is too bad”

And I get that. I’ve been there.

In the midst of extreme anxiety or panic, it can be really hard to implement the breathing techniques properly, leading to the belief that they just don’t work.

But my hypnotherapist told me a long time ago, that it is impossible to feel panic and breathe calmly – it just sends too many mixed signals to your brain!

So, I choose to believe that!

Practicing calming breathing techniques when you’re not anxious or stressed, is the best way to really understand your own breathing and get used to what really good breathing feels like!

‘Really good breathing’ (technical term!!!!) feels totally different from the shallow thoracic breathing most of us do most of the time.

There are lots of breathing techniques which are super effective, but, from a grounding perspective, it’s more about the level of focus you bring the activity, that is important.

Fully engaging and immersing yourself in something as automatic as breathing will powerfully bring you right into the here and now. And as little as five minutes can be enough.

So, if you feel the pressure mounting, close your eyes and breathe for a few minutes – you can do this without anyone noticing – but, if you need to excuse yourself and go to another room. Or, if the people around you understand what is going on for you, get them involved – everyone needs to breathe more effectively.

Check out this video for my top three favourite breathing techniques…



Chakra Meditation - Grounding Tips to Keep you Sane this Christmas and Beyond

Top Grounding Tip #2 –
Aaaaaaaannnnnd, relax…

Yep – you knew this one was coming, right?


It’s a game-changer.

OK, it’s not going to stop a panic attack or calm serious anxiety ‘in the moment’, but when it comes to grounding and staying grounded (so the more serious anxiety is less likely to happen in the first place!), a regular meditation practice is the bomb!

I went through a really ‘love-hate’ relationship with meditation, until I found the Chakra System and the very logical way Chakra Meditation can affect the functioning of each Chakra and our energy – it just makes perfect sense!

I am now a fully-evangelical-advocate of meditation as an absolutely essential element of self-care. So much so, that I am a qualified Meditation Teacher and am passionate about helping other women create a sustainable meditation habit and I love creating my own meditations.

Which is why I am super excited that I have just launched my Chakra Meditation Bundle which contains seven powerful meditations all designed to impact one of the Chakras, each one building on the one before – it’s so beautifully compelling.

The Root Chakra meditation in the bundle is one of my favourites (can I have favourites?!) and focuses on sending roots downwards into the earth and drawing all that red earth energy up into our bodies – so beautiful and grounding.

You can check out the bundle here.

Most meditation has an element of grounding and of awareness of the body and its sensations.

Maintaining a strong upright posture, feet flat on the ground, about shoulder width apart (unless you’re up to the Lotus position!), is the most grounding posture and will keep you connected, especially if you are doing more spiritual work higher up in the Chakras.

My guided meditations are no more than 20 minutes long, so give yourself the gift of some alone time and pop on a guided meditation at some point over the Christmas break – it will help you deal with whatever comes up for you.


Woman and loudhailer - Grounding Tips to Keep you Sane this Christmas and Beyond

Top Grounding Tip #3 –
Aaaaaaaannnnnd, repeat after me…

Use your affirmations.

We’ve just finished a brilliant Chakra Affirmation Challenge in my Facebook Group. Three powerful affirmations designed to strengthen each Chakra – you can join the group here and take a look. All the videos, including the affirmations, Chakra info, and supportive postures – are still available.

Great affirmations for your Root Chakra are:

“I am safe; I am here, I am strong”

Adopt a powerful, big physical posture while saying them and feel the strength of the words as you say them.

Really mean it.

Say them every morning as you get up and stretch your body, grounding yourself in the physical sensations, and use them throughout the day to redirect your thinking if you feel yourself falling in to negative thought patterns or forecasting.

And there you have it, my top tips for grounding your energy and staying sane this Christmas!

I’d love for you to benefit from the healing and grounding power of the meditations in my Chakra Meditation Bundle – if you’re reading this in real time, you can still purchase all seven meditations, the bonus track, enhanced My Chakra Life Wheel, and lots more at the introductory price of just £39.00! Click here for more info.

Click here to join the Facebook Group and join the conversation there, or if you’d like to discuss any anxiety or Chakra-related issue click on the image below and book a free call.


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What next?

Hi there, my name’s Kathryn and I’m The Beyond Anxiety Coach.

My mission is to connect with, help and support as many open-minded, women as possible who want to transform their relationship with anxiety, fall back in love with their work and life, and willing to believe recovery is at least possible.

Over the last few years, I have honed and tweaked the tools and techniques which worked for me, into my ‘Beyond Anxiety Blueprint’ which focuses on identifying your personal path to recovery, and delivering three key outcomes:

  • CONSCIOUS: gain clarity around anxious feelings, your life, and the actions that brought you here; and how you would like to feel instead.
  • CALM: understand how to access your calm inner state at will throughout your day, no matter what you face.
  • CONFIDENT: know that you are capable of living a life full of joyful awareness and feel totally assured in your ability to create it.

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