Don’t let Anxiety Ruin your Christmas

Written by: My Chakra Life - Dec 8th, 2020

Lots of people find Christmas stressful, and experience anxiety for all kinds of reasons – from taking on too much, other people’s expectations of us, or an associated traumatic event. The fact we’re all ‘supposed’ to be enjoying ourselves and making merry, often just make our anxiety worse, highlighting the contrast between society’s ‘ideal’ and our ‘reality’.

And this year?!

Chuck in a global pandemic, lots of new and confusing rules about who you can see and whether you can hug them (seriously, can we?!), and the potential for increased isolation at a time of year when we’re all ‘expected’ to be making merry – and I’m guessing we’re going to experience a whole host of new challenges too.


Breathe neon sign

I find Christmas stressful.

There. I said it.

When I say that, most people look at me with disbelief!

I don’t have children, so no pressure there. Although I do have six nieces and nephews to buy for – so I don’t get away with it completely!!

My husband and I both work for ourselves, so can set our own Christmas hours (within reason!), so no pressure there!

But I still feel the pull and push of my own, and other people’s, demands and expectations. Add to that, the fact my mother loved Christmas (I mean, really loved it!) and that neither of my parents is still here to celebrate it with us, and it just feels like a really sad time for me.

So, how do we stop anxiety from ruining Christmas?

Here are my top three tips for a Conscious, Calm, Confident Christmas this year…


Don’t let Anxiety Ruin your Christmas - Christmas list

1. Make your Christmas list!

That’s right make a Christmas list.

It’s not just kids who get to ask for what they want – you can make a list of what you would like for your Christmas too.

Around about this time, when I can start to feel the pressure build, I grab my journal, light a Christmas-scented candle, make an indulgent hot chocolate and think about what I want for Christmas – then I write it into existence.

It can be helpful here to engage your Third Eye Chakra – your Chakra of intuition and imagination – click here for a quick meditation you can do to help with this (it’s about half way down).

So, back to the list.

This is not the time to daydream about lying on a beach, drinking cocktails, being served by scantily clad buff waiters – unless that is actually what you have planned! In which case I’m proper jealous! I am all for a bit of outrageous daydreaming, but at this stage I want you to think about what you can really expect to happen that will make this Christmas the best it can be, right now.

Decide what you would like for Christmas and leave the other stuff alone. I mean it – leave it alone.

Focusing on what you want is a great way to calm anxiety, bring the positive into greater focus, and manifest your desires.

Some things on my list are:

  • Spending lots of time with James while he has an extended break from work
  • A lovely smelling house – filled with Christmas scented candles and essential oils
  • Long(ish) walks with the doglets – maybe in the snow????!!!!!
  • A fleeting socially-distanced meeting with my brother to deliver presents – the first time seeing him IRL for months
  • Lots of reading, crafting and catching up on some telly!
  • Eating lots of cheese!
  • Socially-sanctioned drinking at 11.00am – cos, you know – Christmas!

And there are plenty more!

I may not get to do all of those things but being really clear on the positives doesn’t leave so much room or time for the less amazing stuff. And let’s be honest, there will be slightly less amazing stuff too.

And my next tip deals with that…


Don’t let Anxiety Ruin your Christmas - Strengthen your energy

2. Strengthen your energy

Always, at this time of year, I ramp up my high-vibe activities and strengthen my energy, so that when the ‘less amazing stuff’ happens I am in a much better place to recognise it, deal with it, nurture myself and move on.

When we are not in a great place energetically, it can take so much longer to free ourselves from the grip of whatever is going on and move ourselves into a more positive frame of mind.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t experience the emotions that come up for us (I will have a cry at some point when I think about my parents), but keeping your vibe high means that you can experience what you need to, feel it, heal it, and move through it, without wallowing in that energy for days or allowing it to affect everything you do.

As you more than probably know by now, my favourite way to boost and strengthen my energy is through Chakra Balancing and one of the easiest ways to do that is through Chakra Meditation.

All kinds of meditation is super-supportive for keeping your Chakra System in blissful balance, but I love to go one step further and use meditations and visualisations specific to each Chakra!

In fact, I love it so much, I have created a Chakra Meditation Bundle to share my favourite, most powerful Chakra Meditations with you, so you can give yourself the gift of a Conscious, Calm, Confident Christmas this year (or even better, get someone else to buy it for you!). Click here for more info and to be the first to know when it launches next week!

Meditation is not going to ‘stop a panic attack’, but if you practice meditation regularly it will bring your general anxiety levels down over time, meaning that when you are slapped in the face by something which would usually send your anxiety soaring to a ‘10’, you might be able to cap it at an ‘7’, which is much easier to turnaround.

And speaking of numbers…


Don’t let Anxiety Ruin your Christmas - Observe

3. Recognise and Observe

I know it’s hard when you’re in the throes of anxiety to take a step back and try to observe what’s going on, especially if you have guests or are at someone’s house, but that is what I am asking you to do.

When the feelings start – you know what this usually feels like for you – recognise it for what it is. It’s anxiety. It’s not dangerous. You are likely not ‘in danger’.

I use something called my Bliss-o-Meter to do this.

That’s basically, a fancy word for a 0-10 scale – 10 being total Bliss (you can use your own word for this – calm, serene, aware, confident – whatever your goal feeling is) and 0 being the exact opposite of that. I have created descriptions of how I feel at each of those stages.

e.g. 5 = I am very nervous. I care about what I’m doing, and the nerves take a long time to go, but they do go, and I am able to continue and enter a flow state. Moving to a 6…

When the anxious feelings begin, I look at my lovely Bliss-o-Meter, and place myself somewhere on that 0-10 scale (you can keep the numbers/descriptions on a piece of paper in your bag or a picture on your phone, so you can use it when you’re out and about).

Excuse yourself and go to another room if you need to, but most of this can be done without other people even knowing or noticing. If the people you are with know and understand what’s happening, you could even share it with them – sometimes talking about what’s going on can really defuse a situation.

Now, you have real data – something you can work with. You are not ‘spiralling into a panic attack’, you are simply a ‘5’ on a scale. Being a ‘5’ carries much less emotion and baggage!

Once you’ve recognised it and quantified it, observe, accept, and allow it.

Don’t fight it – that just puts you back into ‘Fight or Flight’ and produces even more adrenaline!!!

When you feel ready, you can start thinking about how you might move yourself up to a ‘6’ and start to feel ‘one point better on the scale’.

But actually, that isn’t really the point. So, let go of the idea you have to feel better or move up. This is about accepting where you are and being totally ok with that.

Now, continue with what you were doing. Engage with the people and environment around you.
Being a 6 is absolutely fine. Don’t let it stop you from experiencing your day.


Top tips - don't let anxiety ruin your Christmas

So, there you have it, my top three tips for staying conscious, calm, and confident this Christmas – I really hope they help and that you can use them to prepare for and navigate through this extraordinary festive period and don’t let anxiety ruin your Christmas.

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you use these and other Chakra Balancing techniques to move beyond your anxiety, book a call, and let’s have a chat! And remember to check out my Chakra Meditation Bundle now to lock in my super-low introductory price and get notified when it launches in time for Christmas!

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