Chakra Essential Oils – smell and feel great!

Written by: My Chakra Life - Dec 1st, 2020

We all know we can use essential oils to trigger specific moods, but we can also use Chakra Essential Oils to unblock, activate, soothe and energise each of our Chakras too! Helping us bring our entire system back into balance or focus on specific areas which may need some support.

When I was in the grips of some pretty serious anxiety, one of the ways I used to ground myself and stop the spiral of unhelpful thoughts was to use scent – diffused essential oils, perfume or a scented candle. Even now I diffuse chakra essential oils into my workspace every day, meditate with scented incense, and always light a scented candle before a meeting or client session as part of my energy preparation and protection.

So, what’s that about?!


Scented tea light


I love a good smell!

When I was growing up, my mother had lots of nice smelling things – from expensive perfume and scented candles to Dettol (it was one of her favourites!) – in every room! And I guess I have taken on her mantle.

As my interest in the Chakra system developed over the years, I was keen to look at all the areas in my life where I could support and maintain a great Chakra energy vibe.

I learnt early on that scent is one such important area.

I have also been trying to focus a bit more on ‘natural’ things around my home. I haven’t quite got to the point where I use essential oils for cleaning or deodorant just yet (I know people who love this!), but the easiest place (and I am all about making it easy!) to start seemed to be with scenting my home.

So, out went the claggy, unnatural, chemical-heavy, plug-in air fresheners and in came happy, glowing, water-based diffusers loaded up with Chakra Essential Oils – and I couldn’t be happier!

Clearly, the Chakra vibe is working!

But, why would this be? How do scents and natural oils have such a massive effect on our Chakra system?


Woman smelling a flower

Our Reptile Brain

One of our most primaeval senses and still connected to our limbic reptile brain is our sense of smell.

As such it ‘bypasses’ our rational cortex and goes straight to the energy source – our primitive mind. Smell has the power to recall memories, feelings, and emotions – transporting us to a different place and time in an instant. I always have a bottle of my mother’s favourite perfume on hand and wear it when I miss her the most – scent creates such powerful and lasting connections.

And maybe it’s because of this ancient, almost ‘time-travelling‘ power that smell can have such a profound effect on our Chakra centres.


Essential Oils Plants on a bench

Chakra Essential Oils in Healing

The healing qualities of plants have been known for centuries and form the basis of modern medicine, but the healing power of the plant aromas has long been dismissed by mainstream medicine.

However, natural and spiritual healers and physical therapists have never forgotten the power of scent – I mean, how amazing is an aromatherapy massage? It can have powerful and lasting effects on our mind, body, and spirit.

We can also harness the power of smell in direct Chakra Healing by applying the chakra essential oils to the Chakra centres themselves – remember if you’re applying chakra essential oils to your skin make sure you use a carrier oil if necessary. A small number of oils like Tea Tree or Lavender can be applied to the skin, but always check and be safe!

Funny story – I applied Cinnamon Oil to my lava bead bracelet and didn’t wait for it to sink in properly or wipe it as I was in a rush – cue, hives up my arm!!! It’s easy to forget how powerful the stuff in those little bottles is!


The Chakra System and Essential OIls

Chakra Essential Oils

Each of your Chakras resonates with very specific oils and fragrances for a whole variety of reasons… the plant they are derived from, where they grow, the colour of the fruit or leaves, what they represent, how they smell, how they are used in physical and emotional healing – and today’s content upgrade is a list of my favourite Chakra Essential Oils which mix together and create a super-supportive blend for each Chakra – click here to get your upgrade!



Your Root Chakra resonates with the warm, earthy smells of the ground and trees, so look for heavy, grounding notes like Sandalwood.

Your Sacral Chakra resonates with sensual, musky smells like Ylang Ylang (one of my absolute favourites!).

Your Solar Plexus resonates with fiery spicy smells like Lemongrass or Ginger, which seem to have an energy all their own!

Your Heart Chakra loves expansive clearing oils that help you breathe – like Mint!

Your Throat Chakra loves oils that clear energy, keeping you free to express yourself – Tea Tree oil is a great one with its clean smell and action.

Your Third Eye Chakra resonates with oils that promote focus and concentration – I love to use Rosemary for this.

And finally, your Crown Chakra – I love to use Frankincense (known as the Holy Oil for obvious reasons!). Frankincense can be used to enhance the powers of all other oils (similar to Clear Quartz in Crystal healing) and can aid meditation and connection to a higher power.

There are plenty of other options and lots of oils resonate with more than one Chakra, so there are lots of chakra-friendly options for your diffuser!


Chakra Essential Oils massage

The power of Chakra Essential Oils

You can use these oils – or the blends I created for you in the My Chakra Life Guide to Chakra Essential Oils – in a diffuser or burner, as a massage medium (remember the carrier oil – or go and see a professional!), in your bath, as a room spray, on lava bead jewellery or applied directly to your Chakra points (be careful – if you intend to try this, I recommend speaking to a Chakra specialist!).

Remember – those little bottles pack a powerful punch and can help you heal your body, mind, and spirit – so by all means have fun with them but respect them for the wonder that they are too!

Remember to download your enhanced Guide to Chakra Essential Oils here, let me know how you get on, and how you use essential oils in your home.


Breathe neon sign

So, hopefully, I have managed to illustrate for you the power of chakra essential oils and how useful they can be in making you (and everything!) smell and feel great too!

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