Affirmations – Words with Added Oomph!

Written by: My Chakra Life - Nov 17th, 2020

Affirmations have power.

Words have power… and what we say to ourselves in our own internal voice has even more power! We have an internal dialogue constantly whirring away inside our heads. So, whether you are aware of it or not, you are always affirming (positive or negative) beliefs and these affirmations are creating your reality.

We get very attached to our beliefs and our thoughts, forgetting that believing these things we think is nothing more than a personal choice. And if it is a personal choice… why not choose to believe the things that make us feel good? It really is as simple as that!

We can use affirmations to install new, positive, helpful beliefs in our subconscious minds and enlist our wonderful, big brains in supporting us instead of sabotaging us – now doesn’t that just sound great?


Affirmations - Fans at a concert

I haven’t always been a fan of affirmations

It really did take me quite a while to get on board with the whole idea! I sooooooo wanted it to work, because I mean – it sounds awesome! But I still couldn’t quite… you know… ‘feel’ it.

And that, my wonderful readers, is the key.

You have to ‘feel’ it.

Words without purpose, intention, or emotion are just words. You may as well be reciting your shopping list out loud!

But these days, I use affirmations as part of my daily routine and to redirect my thinking when I find myself indulging in ‘not so helpful’ thoughts. Hey – it happens!!!


How to write affirmations in your journal

How do I create my affirmations?

A great place to start is by focusing on what you want – I mean, it’s always the best place to start… and finish!

Make everything about how you want to ‘feel’.

Your subconscious mind deals in the language of emotions – in feelings.

The words are important, but mostly because of the feelings we attach to those words.

Tony Robbins Quote


So, although money affirmations like “I have all the money I need” are great and may work to attract and call in the money you need, I’m going to guess it’s actually because of the feeling you get when you think about having ‘all the money you need’ rather than the words themselves. So try and work that in.

Grab your journal and riff on how ‘having all the money you need’ will make you feel.
Sometimes, it’s not really about the money, but what we think it could represent in our lives.

Try to couch it in ‘feeling’ language, for example…

“I have all the money I need and feel truly free”…

“I am truly abundant in all areas of my life”…

“I have all the money I need to help me feel totally safe, secure, generous and joyful”.

Or something like that!

Give it a go and see what you can come up with!


Believe your affirmations

What if I don’t believe it?

I mean, wandering around stress-reciting ‘I have all the money I need’ when you’re clearly struggling to pay the bills is only going to highlight what you don’t have and end up making you feel worse.

‘Fake it ‘til you make it’ is not the best policy.

The most powerful affirmations resonate with you on a deep level, feeling real and meaningful.

So, if your current situation is way too far removed from where you would like to be (your affirmation), you need to connect with a time in your life when you did feel (or at least believed it was possible to feel) that way.

Example: you want to feel more confident.  

But, given the way you feel right now, that appears to be impossible. Just saying the words “I am confident” is never going to be enough. It won’t resonate and will feel off. 

Grab your journal (you knew that was coming, right?!) and list all the times in your life you have felt confident. There must be a few. Even if it’s just something which seems really small to you – like basking in your family’s admiration cos you make a great spag bol! Or when you danced your ballet recital when you were five!

Write them down and reconnect with the confidence you felt in that moment.

Now, when you speak your confidence affirmation, you can connect with that feeling. You know it is possible for you to be confident in the future because you have been in the past and you absolutely can be again.

And, if you still feel resistance to your affirmation? You can incorporate aspirational language like ‘I am becoming more confident every day’ which will feel more realistic than ploughing in with ‘I am confident’ straight away.


Smiling woman reciting affirmations in mirror

How do I use my affirmations?

Ah, this is the best part!

YOU choose how to use them… sing them in the shower, recite them on a walk, when you’re brushing your hair – remember to connect to the emotion, feeling, and meaning behind the words and make them powerful! It’s impossible to ‘overdo it’!

Morning Mirror…

One of my favourite ways to use my affirmations is first thing in the morning as part of my daily routine.

I stand up tall and powerful, ground myself, and feel strong! Special thanks go to Amy Cuddy!

Look at yourself head-on in a mirror if you can – it really helps to connect to your inner belief.

Smile and say those words out loud!

Focus on yourself, the feeling, and on embodying the words fully.

Redirect your thoughts…

We all have times in our day when we lose focus on what we want or when our energy is struggling, and our vibration drops. This is the perfect time to reach for those affirmations!

So, you’re thinking some negative, anxious, or unhelpful thoughts. Rejoice that you are now so self-aware that you can see this and know exactly what to do!

First off, accept and acknowledge the thought. You might even want to thank it for showing up and trying to keep you safe – yes, you can talk to your thoughts, obvs!

But, you now have a more positive version of that story ‘on hand’ in the form of an affirmation, so you can redirect your thoughts towards something kinder – it’s much easier and more natural to replace one thought with another than it is to simply ‘stop thinking a thought’.

So, you start to feel some negativity and anxious thoughts coming up around a work presentation you have to give next week. It was causing you some anxiety, so you created a lovely affirmation to help you feel more positive about it.

You notice the thought straight away because up until now, you’ve been feeling pretty good about it.

First, accept the thought, then say…

“Thank you thought for trying to keep me safe, but I am [insert affirmation here]… confident when giving presentations at work/so excited to share my knowledge/looking forward to starting a discussion around a topic I am expert in”.

Repeat the affirmation a few times with feeling. Connecting to a time when you did something similar with great confidence/excitement/expertise.

Boom! Negative language flipped – get yourself a doughnut and a cup of tea!


Be amazing on typewriter

The power of affirmations

So, hopefully, I have managed to illustrate for you the power of affirmations, how to create them, and how you can use them to focus on the positive and redirect your negative thoughts whenever you need to.

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What next?

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